Student Research Fund Opportunities

The Student Research Program

The Student Research and Creative Inquiry Program invites students to think creatively about research. Student Research and Creative Inquiry offers students opportunities to examine an issue, problem, or question in order to generate new knowledge or enrich understanding for theoretical or practical applications. Student Research and Creative Inquiry projects extend beyond classroom expectations, follow accepted methods of inquiry and are disseminated to a public audience.

Ebben Fund Grant

$2000 (awarded for a fully developed project.) Please submit a proposal for this project. The proposal may be original for the purpose of obtaining the grant or the proposal may be derived from coursework.

Spark Ebben

$500 (awarded for preliminary research, or small-scope projects)

Travel Fund Grant

Supports conference and field research travel. Please submit a statement about how the travel matches your professional goals.

Summer Research Grants

$2000 (awarded for a fully developed project.) Please submit a proposal for this project. The proposal may be original for the purpose of obtaining the grant or the proposal may be derived from coursework.

Create your own Opportunity

Many majors and programs have Research Internships as an option within the curriculum. Programs such as Music, Psychology, Computing and Information Sciences (CIS) and Neuroscience. These internships are faculty mentored and can be independent or as a part of a research group. Research internships taken for credit are eligible for Student Research Grants. Student research internships are an excellent way to develop professionally relevant research skills. To learn more, contact your major advisor.

Example of Strong Proposals

Art Therapy Applicant

The sample presented here is an example of a "creative inquiry", heavily based in the practice of discipline-centered research. The application was supplemented with two relevant references (one from the mentor, another from the community partner specifically assigned to the project) Additionally, this applicant supplied a detailed resume outlining coursework, GPA, credits taken, a list of relevant coursework and the name of the faculty instructor for each.

Finally, each applicant must submit a signed copy of the Student Research Fund Application Form. The Director for Student Research needs this permission to verify the 3.0 GPA and that the student has completed coursework with strong grades. Normally, students must complete 60 credits prior ro applying for an Ebben, or Summer Research Program, grant. In extenuating circumstances, this requirement may be waived. In the event of a particularly competitive grant application environment, please know that the quality of the application coupled with a particularly strong and thorough reference will outweigh the 60 credit requirement.

Preference will be given to first time applicants.