Edgewood Engaged

May 1–3, 2019

Edgewood College will host the Fifteenth Annual Edgewood Engaged: A Research and Creative Inquiry Symposium. This year, our theme is Curiosity and Exploration.

This event supports and celebrates the hallmarks of an Edgewood education: integrated learning, critical thinking, creative action, and contribution to the larger community and common good. The Symposium provides students with the opportunity to share scholarly and creative accomplishments with others to educate and inspire.

All undergraduate and graduate students are invited to present their scholarly and creative work.

Yours in student research and creative inquiry,
Shad Ryan Wenzlaff – Director for Student Research, School of Integrative Studies

Honors Scholarship Contract

The Honors Scholarship Project is the final requirement of the Honors Program. Completing it leads to graduation from Edgewood College in the Honors Program.

  • Student engagement in a self-directed, intensive study, exploring a topic of his or her own interest
  • Student identification of learning goals for the project
  • Student and faculty member working together closely on a mutually agreed upon project
  • Students meet regularly with their faculty mentors
  • Upon completion students present their work to others

For more information about the upcoming workshop, email Nancy Kern

Student Travel Funds


Students receive up to $750 to present, or $300 to attend professional and academic conferences. Funds support transportation, registration fees, and lodging. Applications are received throughout the year. Dr. Kris Mickelson, Dean, School of Integrative Studies: KMickelson@edgewood.edu
Additional funds may be available through your department or school. See your advisor or research/creative inquiry mentor for more information.
Also, additional questions may be directed to Shad Wenzlaff, Director for Student Research.


Graduate students can apply through their school for up to $500. Contact your school dean for information.