Year in Program (based on credit) Goal Requirement
  • Identify and understand honors scholarship requirements and timeline.
  • Identify a discipline or area for further inquiry.
  • Reflection Sheet/Interest Inventory
  • Generate potential project topic/ideas.
  • Identify mentor/partner/collaborator.
  • Participation in Honors Scholarship Topic workshop.
  • Attend a student research presentation in a public forum (such as Edgewood Engaged).
  • Confirm mentor/partner/collaborator availability and interest via Mentor Agreement Form.
Senior Year: 1st Semester
  • Declare topic and Working Title.
  • Establish a Plan for Completion.
  • Determine Format for Product/Outcome/Presentation.
  • Complete Honors Scholarship Project Proposal Declaration by October 1st/March 1st.
Senior Year: 2nd Semester
  • Complete project.
  • Present project.
  • Register for IC 401 (no credit or credit as needed).
  • Present project at Edgewood Engaged or Appropriate Public Forum.

Honors Scholarship Contract

The Honors Scholarship Project is the final requirement of the Honors Program. Completing it leads to graduation from Edgewood College in the Honors Program.

  • Student engagement in a self-directed, intensive study, exploring a topic of his or her own interest
  • Student identification of learning goals for the project
  • Student and faculty member working together closely on a mutually agreed upon project
  • Students meet regularly with their faculty mentors
  • Upon completion students present their work to others

For more information about the upcoming workshop, email Nancy Kern

Example – Art Therapy

Art Therapy Honors Example

Example – Theatre Project

Theatre Honors Example